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Vegan Trader Joe’s Fennel Frittata

Difficulty Beginner
Prep Time: 8 min Cook Time: 28 min Rest Time: 7 min Total Time: 43 mins
Servings 4
Best Season Suitable throughout the year

Before going vegan, I really love eggs. Thanks to vegan alternatives Just Egg and now Trader Joe's Simply Eggless you can enjoy making Omelettes, Frittatas, Quiche, Scrambs and basically anything that you can put an egg on. 

In this recipe we use the distinct flavor of Fennel paired with Brussel Sprouts and Garlic to make our favorite comfort food even more nourishing. 

  • Trader Joes "Simply Egg" fluid ounces 18
  • Fennel cups 1/2 (I used a bulb of Fennel, that is roughly a half a cup)
  • Garlic cloves 10 (Make it extra garlicky)
  • Brussel Sprouts 1/2 (Thinly sliced)
  • Olive Oil Drizzle Lots of drizzling (Make it generous)
  • Vegan Butter sticks 1/4 (This is optional but i chose to add vegan butter for extra creaminess)
  • Vegan Cheese ounces 7 (Feel free to use the whole pack)
  1. Prep your vegetables

    Thinly slice Fennel, Garlic and Brussel Sprouts. Feel free to substitute other vegetables here, the important thing is to slice em up really thin. Explore your pantry and get creative with produce that you have. You may also check your garden and you might find some vegetables ready for harvest.

  2. Saute the veggies

    In a hot pan, drizzle a hefty amount of olive oil. Throw in finely sliced ingredients and let the aroma fill the kitchen. Stirring consistently and seasoning as you go. Salt and mushroom powder is what i used for this one.

  3. Pour "Trader Joes" Simply Eggless

    Once veggies are translucent, sweated and slightly caramelized, Evenly lay them across the pan and pour whole bottle of Simply Eggless mixture along with your choice of vegan cheese . Simply Eggless is Trader Joe's version of Just Egg. 

  4. Finish in the salamander or a quick broil in the oven

    When bubbles start to appear, Pop it in the oven to finish cooking and melt the cheese on top.  

  5. Assemble and garnish

    Take it out of the oven, let rest for about 5-10 minutes. I cut it in four but it is really up to you. Garnish with herb and serve.

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Paolo Peralta